22 Sep

“He had barely had a chance to rest since leaving Roma, and it looked now as if it would be a long time still before he could realize his long-cherished ambition of spending some time back in his old home in Firenze, reading and walking in the surrounding gentle hills”

– (Apparently) It’s international book week. The rules: grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the fifth sentence as your status. Don’t mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your status.

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Verfasst von - 22. September 2012 in Stöckchen


2 Antworten zu “Buchmeme

  1. Owley

    24. September 2012 at 00:45

    Ich glaube das ist aus “Der kleine Hobbit”.

  2. Silencer

    24. September 2012 at 08:13

    Ich glaube nicht ;-)


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